6-12-2015 Realtor Marketing Hangout

4 marketing must do’s of real estates top producers online.

We have a Power Point (2 slides) here is the link to download it.

The main points we covered were:

  1. Blog… your heart out
  2. Social Media
  3. Focus on communities, neighborhoods and subdivisions
  4. Have a content strategy

Blog your real estate hearts out

WHO’s YOUR AUDIENCE: You must have a focus, an audience you are trying to help and attract

Everyone is not a focus – its too big and you therefore miss everyone.

  1. A community, neighborhood or subdivision
  2. A type of real estate: Oceanfront Condos or Homes $100-$200K
  3. A type of client: 55+, I’m the single mom sellers expert in Myrtle Beach (different but memorable), I only work with buyers/sellers… IS TO BROAD A NICHE
  1. Answer the questions you get from your current clients
  2. Ask and answer questions buyers or sellers should be asking there Realtor
  3. Ask questions -Yes or no surveys or one question surveys
  4. Make a video of the same articles and post you are creating. That way your readers would have something to read and your watchers would have something to watch and listen to.
HOW OFTEN SHOULD I POST | Quality or Quanitity
  1. In my opinion no less than twice a month and up to daily if you or your resources can handle it.
  2. Quality of the content TRUMPS the quantity

Social media for real estate agents

  1. Get some traction
  2. Be lovable
  3. At least likable
  4. At minimum interesting and helpful
Just like blog/websites you must focus on the same niche. You can use the same content from the blog and share it to your social channels. This way it brings them back to your website/blog so your audience can absorb what you are sharing and see what else you have.

Focus on communities, neighborhoods and subdivisions on your real estate websites or blogs

Communities and neighborhoods each provide a focus and an interested audience. For example there are many prospective buyers that just want to move into a specific neighborhood. An example of this in my area is Carolina Forest.

If this was my niche I would write, take pictures and video about all the above to start. Then add local news, things to do, great restaurants, places for kids, market trends, real estate news, and so much more.

Have a content strategy for your real estate marketing

  1. Must be consistent
  2. Post 2 times minimum per month up to daily
  3. Quality above quantity
  4. To do more content than you can do on your own (Or your not wanting to do it yourself) hire it out.

We hope you enjoyed this session of Quick Fire Fridays #QFF.

See you every Friday live at 12 noon Eastern time for the next Quick Fire Friday. Share this video via this link

If you have a topic you would like us to cover or questions to ask, post them in the comments section below or if you prefer on our Facebook business page.

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