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Facebook and Landing Page How To Webinar that Struck A Nerve

We started the 2016 marketing year off with a bang by striking a nerve when we shared exactly how we generate real estate seller leads. We also cover a few points on how to do the same for buyers. These are battle tested in the field with Realtors. I think many were surprised how open we were in sharing the exact method and that we followed it up and shared the actual results and reports showing how we track and follow up. If your looking to learn how to do Facebook marketing and landing pages to generate seller and buyer leads then you will want to see the recording of the webinar we did with the Coastal Carolinas Association Of Realtors.

We expect the recording to be made available Tuesday January 19, 2016. Come back here to see exactly how we do it.

Here is a sample of the the documents we shared showing the results. The good the bad and the ugly. We are also testing other marketing methods as you will see we started testing leads. Stay tuned to more from us as we share what the return on investment is using the tolls and methods we are told all the time either do or don’t work. We will share exactly what the results are.

How to turn off those freaking notifications on Facebook

Ever commented on a post and you start getting notifications that start driving you nuts. Well i just experienced this with a post on Agent Mastermind facebook page. In this video we show you how to turn off notifications. If it helps you share it and let me know other questions you may have about facebook. We just completed a live class and webinar at the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors in Myrtle Beach SC. We shared a live demo on how we are generating leads using Facebook and landing pages. We struck a nerve based on the reaction (94% positive).

As soon as the recording is made available by the Association we will make it available here. We estimate we will get the recording January 19, 2016.

How to Download a Youtube Video – The easy way

Loxbox Security Question for Realtors

[Question for a Realtor]

Would you ever give your buyers your lockbox codes to tour listings on their own?
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There is a company that did exactly that to the tune of 1000 showings in September, called ZipTours

I am really curious about what you think. I am trying to imagine a homeowner being okay with this. I know I wouldn’t be. I want you to imagine that complete strangers that a Real Estate agent gave your lockbox security code to is able to open your door and come on in. A company called Marketplace Homes developed ZipTours.

An article from inman lead to this.​

Click here for all our thoughts, questions and links to the inman article.​

Upcoming Classes, Webinars and Hangouts Building Your Mobile Briefcase

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View Mobile Briefcase for Realtors Presented to CCAR 9/1/2015 Pierre Rattini and other presentations by mbbpr.

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