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Pierre Rattini

Pierre Rattini - Trainer, Strategist & Coach

Realtors empty your cup

Realtors empty your cup

Next Webinar - 2 PM June 25, 2020

What You Can and Should be Working on Now 

Laser focused key activities you need to be doing now to grow your real estate business. Attend if you are ready to make yourself and your business recession proof. If you looking for a shiny object or something that requires no work than you should pass on this.  

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2020 RealTools Class & Webinar

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Webinar & Powerpoint - May 19, 2020

Play the video and download the PDF above. Then  to watch along and follow the slides in the PDF.

11 Plus Ways to Make Your Zoom, Webinar and One on One Virtual Meetings awesome

These days, it seems everyone is on Zoom or another Webinar platform. If I'm being honest most of them ARE TERRIBLE! We use video conferencing software for both work and social settings as we continue to socially distance. The ability to do online what you only used to do in person is changing how we do business now and in the future.We rounded up the best tips for you. Join us and learn how to be online with your clients, prospects, and others so you look and sound great every time — happy video chatting!We are in this together and I am grateful to so many.

1st Class February, 2020 
Tactical Strategies and Takeaways for Increasing Your Contacts, Connections, and Conversions for your Real Estate Business

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