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As a business you have total control of your dashboard. You can see what is working or what may need some changes. The tell all dashboard puts the business owner in the drivers seat.

1. Grows your Client Database from Day One of Use
2. Scheduled Campaigns or On Demand
3. Professionally Designed Dimensional Media Pieces
4. Database Management
5. Advanced Reporting Ability

Text Mobile Dashboard

– Most businesses leave money on the table and do not even realize it. If the focus is primarily on the acquisition of new clients, this is 5x harder and more expensive than nurturing and growing your existing base. Just making this small change will help increase profit up to 50%.

From Loyalty programs, contests, digital scratch off, countdown timers, digital coupons you have to see to believe. Mobile Buzz proprietary programs, builds your customer list fast, and allows you to re-market often and easily. After all referral is the best form of advertising still today. Happy customers repeat their spending and tell their friends.

When It Comes to Mobile Marketing… Text Mobile Dashboard Delivers
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