6-26-2015 Realtor Marketing Hangout

Part 2 – Save hours weekly with your email by learning the key Gmail plugins and apps that make it possible

Save hours weekly with your email by learning the key Gmail plugins and apps that make it possible.

We had an early technical issue (We lost Ms. Sue) she came back thank god. The fun of a live webinar. Yeah she is back.

What we covered

A. Now you can recall an email using Gmail.

It allows you to delay the official send (Not by just 10 seconds) from 5-30 seconds. Here is a link explaining how to set it up – http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-unsend-a-sent-email-from-your-gmail-account/

We quickly reviewed Boomerang, FollowUp.cc and Yesware which were covered in more detail in Part 1.

B. New Plugins and Apps for Gmail – Overview
C. Banana Tag – Link
  1. Has email “Trackling” otherwise known as email tracking?
  2. Scheduling for Gmail
  3. Snoozing you emails
  4. Analytics and reporting
  5. CRM Syncing with – 10+ CRMs are supported and here is a link to all the details
D. toutapp – Link
  1. Tracking across many platforms
  2. Email Templates
  3. Meeting Scheduling
  4. Follow up reminders
  5. Click to Call
  6. Not all features available in every plan.
E. Streak – Link
  1. Has a version for Real Estate CRM – Here is the link
  2. Easy Collaboration
  3. Works with all versions of Gmail including Google Apps
  4. Cloud based access from anywhere even via mobile App (iOS only – I hope they add Android)
  5. Will be testing this – I really like what I see here.
  6. If you have used this and have feedback please share.
F. Worketc CRM + Projects – Link – Extension Download
  1. CRM
  2. Turn emails into leads, and tasks
  3. Google Contact Sync
  4. Project billing
  5. Android and iOS Apps
  6. 200 Plus 5 Star reviews
G. CRM for Gmail via Prosperworks.com – Extension
  1. Desktop and Mobile versions
  2. Sales Reporting & Analytics
  3. Very cool visual Pipeline Management
  4. Google Integration with Gmail, Calendar, Drive and hangouts
  5. Customer recon done automatically
  6. Over 150 Integrations
H. Insightly – Link
  1. It’s what we are using right now (We like it and have found it to be quite easy to use)
  2. Project Management
  3. Opportunity Tracking
  4. Android and iOS Apps – Take it mobile
  5. Social Recon on your leads
  6. Massive integration’s including Zapier
I. Rapportive – Link
  1. Gives LinkedIn profiles in Gmail
  2. A social recon tool
  3. Resides in Gmail to help you remember your contacts and possible connect to new ones.
J. FullContact for Gmail – Link – Extension
  1. A social recon tool inside Gmail
  2. Helps keep your contacts clean – remove duplicates
  3. Free version should be used just for the above features.
  4. Still haven’t tested the rest. If you have let me know what you think?
K. Unroll.me – Link
  1. Unsubscribe from any email lists you have subscribed to in one click.
  2. Free version allows you to unsubscribed from 5 accounts then
L. Assistant.to – Link
  1. I am using this every time I need to set a meeting time, in person, Webinar or by phone.
  2. I love it
  3. You assign available slots in your calendar they get added to your Gmail and hit send.
  4. The recipient can then choose from your selections (SO far out of 9 requests all have been 100% successful except 1
  5. Successful to me is send 1 email and the appointment gets confirmed.
  6. Try it I think you will love it too.
At time of this recording – I picked 2 current favorites
  1. Followup.cc
  2. Assistant.to

To see the Part 3 of this webinar series GO HERE

​We hope you enjoyed this session of Quick Fire Fridays #QFF.

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