5-22-2015 Realtor Marketing Hangout


Including discussion on Realtor.com, Zillow and other places to have your reviews.


Realtor Reviews and Reputation Marketing via Quick Fire Fridays on 5-22-15. We are broadcasting live from Myrtle Beach (Sue Lucas) and North Myrtle Beach SC (Pierre Rattini).

We discussed the importance of reviews and your online reputation as a Realtor and how it is effecting you in your real estate business.

We spoke about the status of the subject of “Realtor Reviews” from google trends. Here is a link to google trends showing you the trends.

How a person does a typical search online for a specific Realtor starts with the first and last name. They will also commonly add the word Realtor after your name and if they are still not getting what they want they will add the city.

  • So as an example go to google search and type in your first and last name and see what shows up.
  • Here is a google search link showing my name as an example…  .
  • Next add the word Realtor after you name and search again and see what shows up.
  • Here is my google search example .
  • Finally add the city your located in and check the search results on google.
  • Here is a link to my example

Here are the links to set up your review systems at the 3 main sites for real estate agent reviews.

If you have a topic you would like us to cover or questions to ask, post them in the comments section on this page or if you prefer on our Facebook page.

Check out past hangouts here .

Next Week: “RPR – Realtors Property Resource Overview and Tips“

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