Loyalty can Turn Your Customers into Returning Customers

Did you know that it costs 600 to 700% more to find a new customer than it does to profit from an existing customer?

Our dynamic tablet is engaging yet simple to use and understand for your customers. Easily showcase your rewards to entice new faces.

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Reward Delivery

Customers Check-in and earn points. When they qualify for a deal they are notified on their my account page instantly

Mobile Presence

Customers can access their mobile account 24/7 to see rewards they can claim and redeem in store later


Designed For Your Business

Every campaign is custom designed to suit your business. Need to add or edit your tablet your concierge is a phone call away!

While most loyalty programs are used for existing customer bases. We exceed the standard with our viral loyalty. You customers advertise for you in social networks FREE! Building your business exponentially.


Loyalty Project keeps your customers coming back over and over again. Click here for a FREE LOYALTY REPORT

For More Information Contact: TheTeam@mbbuzz.com or (843) 438-1300