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Realtors its time to empty your cup

Realtors what you can and should be working on now Empty Your Cup

Realtors its time to empty your cup

Realtors its time to empty your cup



What you can and should be working on now

A pure education experience with no sales pitch. In this webinar, Pierre Rattini with MB Buzz and REollow will share what you can and should be doing right now to generate more sellers and buyers. You will be shown how we are doing this right now and there will be no sales pitch we promise.

Empty Your Cup

Isn't it time, Yes or No?


  • You will get specific things that you need  to keep doing (or start doing)
  • Process, Process, Process


  • You will learn what to stop doing
  • What is a waste of energy, time and money


There is no better time than now to clean up and clean out old thinking, old ideas that do not work anymore and start doing what is working. If you have been feeling like your cup is to full and you can't fit anymore in it. THIS IS FOR YOU!

I want to empty my cup 

Learn what you should stop doing (Dump it) and then start doing what you should be doing to succeed and get your time back.

If you can't make it we have you covered. By registering you will receive a copy of the webinar via email. 

Why doesn’t anyone like me in real estate?

Webinar at 10 AM EST. Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do you feel unloved? Are you wondering why you're not getting the calls, emails, text and leads that you should be getting? An important question you may want to know the answer too. This can lead to a bit of discomfort or even pain if you have never looked into your online reputation.

Are you ready for the quick test?

Open a new browser window or tab and type Your Name + Realtor into the search area and hit enter. We recommend doing this via a New Incognito Window in Chrome or Firefox - see video instructions below)​

For Example Pierre Rattini Realtor. This is the results we got.​

Under construction - more to be added


​Incognito - How to Instructions

Under construction - more to be added